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Millennials are out of touch with their financial reality, a report shows, and most still rely on their parents. Read Article

5 ways to save on last-minute holiday travel You may still be tossing Halloween decorations back into their boxes before you realize we’re just around the corner from Thanksgiving. The last few months of the year tend to race by. Planning an affordable vacation or booking flights and hotels to join family and friends over [...]

You typically can deduct as much as $3,000 a year in capital losses from your ordinary income. You can carry unused deductions into subsequent years until they’re used up. Read Article

Historically, shared political power in Washington seems to have little connection to stock market returns — until you slice and dice how the power has been divided. Read Article

Why you should buy an organic turkey this Thanksgiving Still deciding whether to buy an organic turkey for Thanksgiving this year? Here’s one more reason to consider one: Turkeys labeled organic are raised without antibiotics, and the overuse of those drugs in raising farm animals is causing big problems in humans. About 80 percent of [...]

Housing will be in focus in the coming week. Larry Kofsky has a look ahead. Read Article

Clearly, many rich people like to display their incredible wealth. Yet, generally, they think they know value when they see it. Read Article

Does the cabin need rehabbin’? Proceed with caution before the auction. Read Article

The University of California’s governing body voted to raise tuition across the system’s 10 campuses by as much as 5% for each of the next five years, despite opposition from students and the state’s governor. Read Article

Porsche breaks down the details of the next Cayenne GTS, showing off the car at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Read Article

Why is hiding its most affordable plans? One little-known feature of the Affordable Care Act is the availability of special health plans with low deductibles and copays to consumers whose incomes are low, but not low enough to be enrolled in Medicaid. (For 2015 that’s up to $29,175 for a single person, $39,325 for [...]

A judge ruled that an Illinois law aimed at easing the state's huge unfunded pension liability is unconstitutional. Read Article

Talking about gratitude and giving around the Thanksgiving table is a great time to start a new family tradition: jump starting better conversations every night. Read Article

You’ll find deep discounts on TVs, tablets, laptops, smart phones and more the day before Black Friday. Read Article

Download the right apps now to make sure you get the best prices on holiday sales. Read Article

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