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How to save money on your cell phone plan Somehow, in the past 20 years, cell phones have evolved from a convenience to a necessity. An expensive one. As the devices have become more integrated into our lives, monthly mobile bills have swelled. According to a recent survey by Cowen and Company, a financial services [...]

Your home and auto insurance rates can be subject to events you may never have known occurred. Read Article

Don't be so quick to turn down that store credit card offer. Some can offer more valuable rewards than the best cash-back cards. Read Article

Even a slight change in your return can made a huge difference in your retirement account given the proper time horizon. Read Article

The world’s richest billionaires — even those who lost as much as $7 billion over the last year — still appear to be doing just fine. Read Article

5 secrets to a long-lasting kitchen The average kitchen lasts twice as long as most marriages, according to a survey released today by Houzz, the home design website. Sixteen-plus years is the lifespan of a typical kitchen, compared with eight years for the average U.S. marriage. We’re not relationship experts, but Consumer Reports can help [...]

Congress waited until the last minute to decide what to do with a slew of expired tax breaks. They extended most of them, and a handful will affect individuals directly. Read Article

Don’t waste money this holiday season on items that people will want to take back or toss. Read Article

Do you have the best credit card? Probably not—and that's a mistake that's costing you hundreds of dollars. Read Article

For those who missed Monday’s deadline for health insurance enrollment at the Affordable Care Act marketplace, there’s still time, though possibly with some provisos. Read Article

Rattled by the rocky markets? Ignore the turmoil and prognostications and focus instead on creating a long-term investing strategy that will see you through 2015 and beyond. Here’s how. Read Article

Currency wars, crashing energy prices and other economic dislocations have real ramifications for U.S. markets. Read Article

To keep your kid’s smile from fading by Boxing Day, try a gift that lasts longer than a toy. Read Article

It’s time to buy energy stocks to lock in some of those gasoline savings. Michael Brush has many recommendations of companies to buy. Read Article

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