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America is far from being a post-racial society — but that might be changing among online daters. Read Article

Collection agencies are good at scaring people. But there are limits to what they can do. Read Article

That’s because I’m Taiwanese American and am in on a little-known secret. It’s called a hun sha. Read Article

How to use a retirement calculator How much income will you need in retirement? Are you on track? A retirement calculator, used correctly, could help you get a rough idea. Two we like are AARP’s and T. Rowe Price’s retirement calculators because they can accommodate couples, not just individuals. With some retirement calculators, you may have to [...]

Be cautious of rent-to-own deals Would you buy a $700 computer knowing that it would cost you over $1,700 after a year’s worth of payments? How about a $1,800 clothes washer and dryer combination that would total $3,431 after two years? Those are the types of deals you could end up with if you get [...]

More lenders are showing customers a FICO score. But recipients need to understand they each have multiple FICO numbers. Read Article

Xoom Inc.’s deal to be acquired by PayPal for $890 million will also reunite the international money transfer company with some of its roots. The deal will also put PayPal in the low-cost money transfer service, as it prepares to separate from eBay and expand its business. Read Article

After you say “I do,” you have some important money matters to attend to. Read Article

Best gadgets in bright sunlight Ah, summer! Warm days. Ocean breeze. Bright sunlight…uh-oh. Suddenly that beautiful display on your favorite gadget is just one big square of glare. When it comes to bright light, not all displays are created equal. We combed our test data for smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches to find the [...]

MarketWatch interviewed Kim Kardashian about how she handles all her money. Here are the takeaways. Read Article

When debt piles up, some college students turn to sugar daddy dating website SeekingArrangement. Read Article

An exclusive Q&A with Kim Kardashian on what she does with all her money. Read Article

Starting Wednesday, the Department of Education will make sure students don’t take on more debt than they can handle by holding schools accountable for the return on investment of their degree programs. Read Article

Many sports team credit cards offer lush cash-back benefits and low interest rates. Read Article

So that’s it? Greece happened. The market reacted. And here we are, contemplating the future after a really sad excuse for bargain hunting. Read Article

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