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Telemarketing is now a $12 billion industry, so those annoying dinnertime phone calls won’t be stopping anytime soon. Read Article

Gains of up to 82% far outpace the index, while retailers lose big, writes Phil van Doorn. Read Article

Officials say the actual IRS will never make first contact by phone. Read Article

Is avocado oil a healthy choice? Q. Avocados are supposedly good for you. Can I assume that avocado oil is likewise healthful?—Joseph Ally, Shingle Springs, CA A. Avocado oil is a fine choice for a healthful vegetable oil (it’s high in monounsaturated fats), but it’s probably not readily available in most supermarkets. In fact, most [...]

A growing number of credit unions and nonprofit groups are using lotteries to encourage low-income families to save. Read Article

The best yogurts Greek yogurt may be all the rage, but regular yogurt has its advantages: It tends to be higher in calcium and lower in calories, plus it costs less. We rated eight plain regular yogurts and 10 vanilla ones for nutrition and taste. Here’s what we found. Nutrition Seven plain products and three [...]

Think it’s a problem you’d love to have? Coming into lots of money isn’t always a win. Read Article

Discover Financial is printing money, especially as more places are accepting its credit card, writes Jeff Reeves. Read Article

While retailers are offering deep discounts on summer inventory, there are fewer bargains to be found with in-season items. Read Article

Research shows that the older a person gets, the more happiness is derived from everyday activities, not extraordinary events. Read Article

Jonathan Clements shares 13 personal convictions on investing. Read Article

After a winter that introduced huge swaths of the country to the term polar vortex, this summer, it turned out, has been one worth waiting for. And wait we have. For everything from Shakespeare to craft beer. Read Article

The elderly are often specifically targeted for identity theft. Identity theft and fraud against the elderly is a particularly insidious problem because in many instances, once the senior realizes that he or she has been scammed or made the victim of identity theft, he or she is often hesitant to report the crime out of [...]

These exchange-traded funds have delivered solid returns by owning stocks that share the wealth Read Article

6 ways to ruin your holiday barbecue Labor Day arrives early this year so if you’re planning an outdoor barbecue, make sure you’re ready. You don’t want to send your guests home with an empty stomach, a bad impression, or worse. Here are some tips from grilling pros as well as the experts at Consumer [...]

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