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Get a new kind of financial adviser at a discount Financial advisers—the flesh-and-blood people you find in offices all over America’s Main Streets—can sometimes get a little sniffy when the topic of online financial advisers comes up. One reason could be that the online players often trump human financial advisers when it comes to getting [...]

A new Wells Fargo survey finds that more than half of Americans are delaying retirement savings. The high cost of waiting. Read Article

The stock market had a huge rally in the past week. Part of this was due to an extreme oversold condition. Read Article

The return of many of those who experienced foreclosures or short sales in the economic downturn could influence the housing market. Read Article

Dressing up in crazy costumes, traveling the world, posing for photos — and getting paid to do it. Here are journal entries from a day in the life of professional “cosplay” character, Linda Le. Read Article

Read full story for latest details. Read Article

When you’re 18 and heading off to college, student debt may seem like a far-off concern for some adult version of yourself to deal with. Read Article

Can cutting the cable cord really save you money? Given the recent news that HBO, CBS, and Lionsgate are launching stand-alone streaming services, you may be thinking that the time is ripe to cancel your pay-TV contract and save lots of money. For years, consumers have been asking for à la carte television that lets [...]

A messy wallet can also signal that you're having trouble getting a handle on your finances. Here's how to clean both up. Read Article

Lawmakers in several states have voted to increase the fees or the interest rates that lenders can charge on personal loans used by millions of poor or financially struggling borrowers. Read Article

The latest issue of Hulbert On Markets: What’s Working Now Read Article

They still pay more than most debt, but bargains are scarce. Read Article

The new regulations aim to strengthen the vast market for bonds that are backed with mortgages and other loans. Read Article

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