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Samsung Launches Brighter SUHD TVs, and a 4K Blu-ray Player Samsung is the biggest television maker in the world, and its product introductions always say a lot about what we’ll encounter in stores and living rooms in the months to come. Today at CES 2016, the company made public a line of four ultra-high-def TVs […]

Some 63% of people can’t deal with a $500 emergency. Read Article

Powerball players will have a chance to win an estimated $450 million, the biggest lottery prize in nearly a year. Read Article

Policies grow more costly the longer you wait to buy or if you are in poor health. Hybrid policies combine coverage with annuities and life insurance. Read Article

SunTrust bank said Tuesday it’s purchasing one of Super Bowl 50’s pricy time slots to run an ad drawing attention to the ‘national epidemic’ of financial stress. Read Article

Fire your financial planner and use these tips to stay on track. Read Article

Panasonic Will have a 4K OLED TV and a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player This Year At a CES 2016 press conference that was surprisingly light on details, Panasonic said it would have a 4K OLED TV this year, as well as its first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. OLED TVs, short for Organic LED, […]

Take these steps to avoid outliving your savings when you retire. Read Article

Paying off a debt that wasn’t reaffirmed won’t be reported to the credit agencies, says the Bankruptcy Adviser. Read Article

The new trading year had a rough opening, but if you are thinking of big portfolio changes, read this first. Read Article

The U.S. is a powerful and resilient nation. It has surmounted challenges far greater than the current series of terrorist attacks. Read Article

New Logo Will Tell If Your Ultra-High-Def TV Is Truly High Performance There’s potential for confusion when you shop for ultra-high-definition TVs that support some of the latest enhancements, including high dynamic range (HDR) and wider color gamuts. One reason is that we expect to see some dramatic differences in HDR performance among sets and […]

Hot Tech to Watch for at CES 2016 If you want a glimpse of the technology consumers will be seeing in 2016, pay attention to the news from CES, the enormous trade show taking place in Las Vegas next week. Consumer Reports will be heading out to the show, where we expect to see tons […]

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