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Increasing varieties of digital payment options are expanding when and how much people are encouraged to tip. Read Article

Lawmakers repealed income averaging many years ago for most taxpayers. But they made some exceptions: People in farming or fishing may still qualify for a form of income averaging. Read Article

Obama administration officials say they worry that the tax-filing season will generate new anger as uninsured consumers learn that they must pay tax penalties. Read Article

Michael Casey and Paul Vigna’s book on bitcoin and digital currencies is out this month. Read Article

These factors will determine what’s best for 50-somethings saving for retirement. Read Article

Once upon a time, parents couldn’t stop bragging when their sons or daughters were doctors and lawyers. But thanks to our changing job market, some of these formerly brass-ring jobs are losing their luster. Read Article

As repairs on an engagement ring stretch into months, the owner gets apologies, but no ring or explanation, from a jewelry chain. Read Article

The big Shake Shack debut on the New York Stock Exchange not enough to boost the stock market. There the focus was on the economy, which grew at a much slower rate in the fourth quarter, sending stocks to their second losing week in a row, and putting a big red arrow in front of [...]

The highest court will hear cases on challenges to gay marriage bans in four states and decide whether the U.S. Constitution affords equal rights to two people who marry regardless of their genders. Read Article

Most households have only a paltry amount in easily accessible accounts, but some simple steps can help many set money aside for use in an emergency. Read Article

Managers might not frown on you being late to work on Super Bowl Monday. How to handle it right. Read Article

Savers and retirees alike can turn to our portfolios for ideas about asset allocation, benchmarking, and specific investments, says Christine Benz. Read Article

Have your home free of these common buyer turnoffs, and there’s a better chance of getting top dollar for your place. Read Article

Asking friends and family, and even strangers, to help with bills is becoming more accepted on crowdfunding websites. Read Article

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