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The fortunes of the two companies are heading in different directions, writes Jeff Reeves. Read Article

Organize, digitize, preserve and share your family pictures. Read Article

American universities produce the majority of the world's billionaires, according to this year's Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census report. Read Article

Do Chinese money managers have what it takes to do the job? Most don’t, writes Simon Constable. Read Article

What you must know about GMOs and your health One of the major arguments that supporters of genetically modified organisms make is that Americans have been eating foods containing those ingredients for more than 15 years, and there’s no credible evidence that people have been harmed. The Grocery Manufacturers Association—whose members include genetically modified seed [...]

Favoring fixed-income or bond funds over equity or stocks right now, in a retirement account, could cost you. Here's why Read Article

Wells Fargo Chief Executive John Stumpf discusses his bank’s pay structure at a company town-hall meeting, after an employee emails him and others at the lender about getting a raise. Read Article

Lantern and other websites use online tools and remote nudging from a professional to help clients tackle ills like anxiety and sleep disorders. Read Article

After a two year run-up, venture-capitalist confidence in Silicon Valley startups has slipped, according to a quarterly survey released Thursday. Read Article

Act now to reduce the amount you will owe Uncle Sam next tax season. Read Article

The Internal Revenue Service expanded dollar limitations for some pension plans based on cost-of-living adjustments. Read Article

Don’t let your brain betray your investments If your portfolio is underperforming the stock market, you could blame the caveman inside you. That’s because we make mistakes that often stem from the same root cause: We’re still wired to react to situations in the same way our preagrarian ancestors did thousands of years ago. Those [...]

The region is going from bad to worse, with an economic recession possible, writes Phil van Doorn. Read Article

Millennials prefer to pay by the month and stay in touch via text message. Read Article

Can’t decide if you want term or permanent life insurance? Just opt for a blend. Read Article

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