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How do you put John Wayne’s gun-slinging bravado into a whiskey? Read Article

4K detail looks great on a huge Ultra HD screen, even up close Ultra HD TVs have the highest resolution of any consumer TV yet, 4K, which means that images have more detail than even 1080p high-def content. The illustration here shows you what we mean. It’s blown up, but it gives you an idea [...]

Lettie Teague explores the wine region of Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California to gauge its worthiness as an oenophile destination worthy of association with Napa Valley. Read Article

America Movil, the Mexican billionaire’s massive phone empire, appears on StockScouter’s latest list of 10 recommended stocks. Read Article

The boom in Internet and technology stocks is creating another generation of 20-something tech tycoons in Silicon Valley. But will they make the same mistakes that their predecessors did in the late 1990s? MarketWatch’s Jim Jelter discusses three tips for America’s wealthy tech elite. (Photo: Getty Images) Read Article

Watch out for IRS impersonation scams Tax season may be long over, but tax-related scams aren’t. At least three states recently warned about scammers posing as IRS agents demanding payment of overdue taxes. “These scammers have become increasingly aggressive over the last few months,” Attorney General Tom Horne of Arizona said in a statement.   [...]

Read full story for latest details. Read Article

New research from the Urban Institute suggests reasons that V.A. mortgages are less likely to go into default than F.H.A. loans. Read Article

Give yourself the best chance in the interview by banishing these words and phrases from your vocabulary. Read Article

Donald Trump’s luxury hotel groundbreaking adds momentum to the capital’s transformation. Read Article

Massachusetts consumers will receive more than $15 million in health insurance refunds this year as a result of the Affordable Care Act, according to data released Thursday morning by the Department of Health and Human Services. Massachusetts consumers will receive the second-highest refund out of all 50 states. Read Article

What you can get for the $120,000 cost of the 105-inch Samsung TV As Mr. TV—that is, my colleague Jim Willcox—just reported, the 105-inch Samsung UN105S9W UHD TV will be available for preorder soon—for a jaw-dropping $120,000. Once the sticker shock subsided, the news got me to wondering what else I could get for $120,000 (which is [...]

As politicians slug it out about soda taxes and bans, Charles Passy maintains that the humble soda pop doesn’t get enough respect. Read Article

Ultra HD TVs: Best picture yet Now that you’ve finally outfitted almost every room in your house with a flat-panel HDTV, there’s a new technology being touted as the next big thing: ultra high-definition, or UHD, TV. It sounds impressive, with super-detailed pictures that have four times as many pixels as a 1080p HD set. [...]

High prices can gobble your food budget. Here’s how to save on a grocery trip. Read Article

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