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Has the “digital detox” trend reached a tipping point? Read Article

The Obama Administration continues a focus on criminal justice, as prisoners could soon be able to apply for Pell grants. Read Article

Read full story for latest details. Read Article

Consumers can do a lot to reduce the $1 trillion in food that’s wasted every year Read Article

Consumer Reports Investigation Reveals How Hospitals Can Make Patients Sick New Ratings for avoiding MRSA and C. diff infections for more than 3,000 U.S. hospitals;            Advice for hospitals and patients on how to avoid infections YONKERS, NY — Hospitals are thought to be sterile, safe environments where sick people get better, not sicker.  But that’s [...]

Trick out your dorm room Surround yourself with our high-rated tech to get the most out of your semester. Whether it’s for cramming a paper the night before it’s due or to take a study break, these electronics are affordable and could help reduce some of the stress of school. Got your own must-have electronics [...]

Investors were giving Yelp Inc. some pretty awful reviews after a second quarter full of unpleasant surprises, and some may now be wondering if its long-term goal to reach $1 billion in revenue is a pipe dream as the company has trouble attracting employees. Read Article

t’s not uncommon to hear that the growth in student loan debt is like a time bomb threatening to blow up the U.S. economy. Now, you can watch it tick. Read Article

A stubborn subset of investors persists in ignoring the oft-repeated advice to diversify. Read Article

Reaffirming a mortgage in bankruptcy can be nearly impossible if you’re behind on house payments Read Article

Financial assistance for school is not always tax-free, writes Bill Bischoff. Read Article

We should worry about an economic system that punishes borrowers but not the institutions that made risky loans to them in the first place. Read Article

A new study finds that many major auto insurance companies are adding to the grief by raising rates for new widows by as much as 226 percent. Read Article

Rage against robocalls  E lizabeth Osborn, 79, of Indianapolis is besieged by robocalls—those prerecorded, unsolicited annoyances that are invading homes every day like a swarm of gnats. “I’ve gotten as many as 10 a day,” she reports. To cope, she says, she has tried ignoring the calls, just letting the phone ring and ring. She has [...]

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